Way before the UFC debut,  Mario Ramos and I was already training hard inside a cold basement with no air conditioning during the summer or heat during the winter months, I training him on Wing-Chun, Aikido, Judo and Karate Shorinji principles and self defense from a static position (the right way to do it) after a year, we decide to open a martial arts school, with no ties with any association of federation, a space that we could teach the way we want with no rigid curriculum.

Dragon Self Defense was born, the first Martial School in New England to teach Mixed Martial Arts, we did not called it MMA, matter of fact, nobody had coined the name yet! But we needed an umbrella, a name to brand our style of teaching martial arts, since I did not believe in styles, I created a system that I could explore any martial art technique, experiment, test, and then put it into our training regimen.

 Since I was an avid reader of Miyamoto Musashi's Strategy master piece; The Book Of Five Rings (Gorin No Sho) I adopted  his philosophies  to our way of teaching and training, to pay homage to the greatest samurai that ever lived, the SAKUSEN-DO-RYU   The Strategy based martial arts System was born.

SAKUSEN is the Japanese word for strategy, is the master plan one most have in order to do anything, DO in Japanese means the "WAY" meaning life style, Philosophical way of life, and RYU stands for School, the place one study the way of Strategy.

From our humble beginnings in the 90'S to what we have today, was a quantum leap forward, Mario's efforts to keep the Sakusen spirit alive, earned him a title of Renshi bestowed to him by me the founder of this unique system of true self defense. Lots of people came through the door learn the system, some of them became champions, some of them got lost along the way. Besides all the trash talking by the haters, Dragon Lair Dojo is the best source for all ranges of martial arts learning experience, from the ones interested in tradition, philosophy to the ones interested on MMA, BJJ and TACTICAL SELF DEFENSE, KIDS BULLY PREVENTION, AND WOMEN SELF DEFENSE.

Under the Dragon Lair Umbrella, Dragon Lair Challenge Grappling Championship was born, for more than a decade, we successfully ran 4 championship per year, attracting BJJ'S brightest stars every year. 2014 has been a year of lots of challenges for us, but we manage to have a great championships results and our organizations is growing for the benefit of all the fighters, coaches, fathers and mothers that blessed us with their continued and priceless support, to our Dragon Lair Family that always gave their selfless support and love.

Our goal next year is to fine tune our system and way to do business, the check list is long but attainable, we have the STRATEGY AND THE TACTICS, but most important; the fire in the belly to do it. For those that stick with us, I will promised that will be worth it, if you are not part of it, join us! Nothing better than join a winning team, and if you stick around, you will be part of a family, better yet you will become a DRAGON.

Shihan Joshua Barbosa and Renshi Mario Ramos

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