The Triangle meaning in Sakusen-Do-Ryu

The triangle is one of the strongest geometrical structures and stands for strength. Many training halls incorporate the triangle into their logo. It represents numerous underlying philosophical, theoretical and metaphysical principles in the martial arts. Applications of the triangle are found in defensive and offensive tactical strategies, including footwork, stances, blocking and disarms.

For the SAKUSEN-DO-RYU SYSTEM and DRAGON LAIR MMA the triangle was chosen as a symbol because of how well it represented the firm and stable base that all practitioners of the system should have. The three corners of the triangle represent the three components of what is known as The Knowledge Blue Print which are the THEORY, PRACTICE, and APPLICATION, all of which come together to define the practitioner on how he or she learn,practice, and apply the knowledge in a self defense situation, also, and the most important; in all aspects of life.

 The triangle extends even further than the aforementioned symbolism. We at the SAKUSEN DOJO encourage all practitioners to visualize a triangle in three dimensions, which is the pyramid form, and no matter what side it is pushed to, it will always remain stable and strong. It will always be steady, no matter its position, and this is a crucial understanding of fighting strategies in the system as well. The most important lesson to be learned from this symbol is ADAPTABILITY, meaning, no matter in which situation you may find yourself in, you can adjust yourself accordingly.

The SAKUSEN SYSTEM is centered around three points of contact, meaning that no matter what position you will be in, you will always be able to come at your opponent. Because of how powerful its symbolic and practical connotations are, the triangle has always stayed a central part to the SAKUSEN SYSTEM training philosophies , and it remains an important lesson to all SAKUSEN SYSTEM students. It is not the symbol of martial arts like some like to misrepresent out there, but a geometrical symbol that we use in martial arts to better teach students our principles and philosophies.



The Dragon is an ancient symbol for power and is viewed as an ancient Deity in some cultures and can be either a power for good or evil. In martial arts the Dragon is portrayed many ways. In Kung-Fu it is portrayed as an aggressive style and many techniques are named after a dragon such as Dragon's Tail, or Dragon's Claw. In the Yin/Yang philosophy the dragon is often portrayed as a symbol countered and mirrored by the Tiger. Titles may even be given to Master practitioners as a Dragon.

The Dragon is deeply embedded in eastern lore and therefore deeply embedded in martial Arts as a symbol for power, also reminds us the Chinese influence in martial arts. For us Sakusen Do Ryu practitioner the Dragon is a symbol of loyalty to your master/instructor and to our system, it is a banner that we wave letting people know that no matter what we are not going to back down when facing opponents, life's tribulations and obstacles .


Shihan Joshua Barbosa

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