Sitting at the gate 36 at the Logan Airport today, waiting for my flight, I was a spectator, watching people coming and going, most of them with their headphones listening to their favorite song, not connected with the environment around them at all, some of them had a better idea to "kill" time by reading a book, as of for me, time is the most precious thing a human can have. Time is a something that once is lost, you can never have a back, so I hate to say killing time.

You see, time is not meant to be "killed", it is a gift to be cherish and enjoyed, humans are on a journey between life and death, a beginning with an end, in the middle you have time! If you are not using your time wisely, you are wasting it, therefore you are killing it!

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.


You can do a very useful exercise to prove how much time you are killing by adding the time you are wasting watching TV, browsing your Facebook page, survey shows, that the average American waste around 3 hours of idle time per day, poluting  their brains with TV and Social Media trash, that my friends, if my math is right, is exactly 1000 hours plus per year wasted that you could wrote a blog just like the one you are reading right now, a foreign language, and several books that could have enriched your life and the others around you.

Killing time became a normal and acceptable term, people speak about time as if they could get more and more, if you lost a love one like I have, the word you find yourself using the most is time, sad enough, I have, when I saw my dead mother, I said to my friend consoling me- I wish I had more time with her, I wish I gave her more of my friend look at me and said, it is too late now, there is nothing you can do!

Today I called a friend of mine to see how he was doing, he beat a aggressive pancreatic cancer, I was so happy to know that he was recuperating well, after I asked how he was doing and all, he said with a very happy voice: Josh, I have a new view of life, I'm going to enjoy the TIME I have left on this planet, it was cancer that made my friend have a different look at time? May be so, but the word he kept repeating to me was time, he saw his time on this planet vanishing on a blink of an eye. When he left the hospital his doctor said: John, enjoy your TIME with your family.

My dear friend Bob did not had the same luck, he started having lots of pain on his abdominal area, after years, he decide to see a doctor, after a lots of medical examinations the brutal diagnose was revealed to him by a  reluctant doctor that said to Bob: I'm sorry, you ran out of TIME, if you came 2 years earlier I could  saved your life. The doctor gave him 9 months to live, with an advice; please go to your parents house, use the TIME your have left to be with the people that love you the most.

Time is on my side, yes it is, say the Rolling Stones lyric, but it is only on your side if you use it wisely, cherish every single second you have left make this your new year's resolution and take action, do not hesitate to finish that song or project that are procrastinating upon, call your friend , your mother, father, tell them how much you love them, remember: TIME is running out for all of us,

"The beautiful rose you saw today, and was to busy to stop and smell it's perfume, will be dead tomorrow, cherish today because is a GIFT , that is why it is called the present!"

                                          Shihan Joshua Barbosa

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