The real world out there will not tolerate fakes once the seminar is over, the speaker is gone, the fog and the smoke and mirrors lifted, and all is left is you and your bills and the books and the DVD collection you purchase from the "powerful" speaker that promised you the quick fix.

THERE IS NO MAGICAL PILL. There is no short cut to power and wealth. If you could go back to the past and interview the masters, THEY ALL went to hell and got back to be able to reach greatness, nothing was given on a silver platter to them.

The spoon fed youth you see today are spoiled and rot from the inside out, addicted to every single distraction you can think of, today I was talking to a Brazilian high school student, he knew everything about the new cell phone technology, very well spoken, when I asked about who proclaimed the Brazilian independence day, he look at me like a deer in the headlights, and said; I have no idea!

Today is very common to see the news report about the lack of respect our youth have for mentors from high school to Universities, there is no appreciation for learning the right way, the goal is the diploma, not the knowledge that piece of paper represent, you see the aftermath of a poor apprenticeship by many fatal mistakes made by  professionals such as but not limited to Doctors, Airline Pilots and the list is too long goes on and on. Everybody wants the prestige and power that comes with certain titles and professions, but few wants to pay the price for it. The song I want to be a Rock Star is a good analogy of POWER WITHOUT SACRIFICE mindset.

The only source of knowledge is experience, you can't have it by going half ass on everything you do, real power must be obtained with real knowledge, like anything else long lasting, is not easy to get, it must be worked for, studied for, thought for and more than all prayed for.

With the end of the year approaching, you will see talks about the infamous NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS BANDWAGON everybody jumps on it just like the ice bucket challenge, people from all over the globe will have what I called the failure wish list, not matter what the wish is, all of it revolves around power, I want a new job, I want a new house, I want more money, I want...I want....but no one wants to sacrifice for it....

Understand: there is not free lunch, you want power and everything that comes with it, GET UP NOW and take massive action, go out there and make some mistakes, paid the price of being an apprentice, choose something that you have passion about it and dedicate yourself day and night learn the THEORY, PRACTICE what you have learned and make a dent in the universe, as far goes for your master, if you seek hard enough, you will find. 

Happy New Year!

Shihan Joshua Barbosa


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