The Mental Factor in Self-Defense

The Mental Factor in Self-Defense

When the shit hits the fan, what your gross motor skills is going to do?

In the early 90’s Americans experienced a phenomena called UFC , the original idea was to bring all forms of martial arts styles and put it to test against each other, to see each one was the best and the revolution called MMA was born.

The reason I’m recalling the above is because lots of people saw BJJ and MMA as the ultimate form of self-defense, which is far from the truth, you see, there is a big difference between sport fighting and self-defense. In the ring you have the referee, the mat and you know the opponent is not there to take your life.

Even with all the safety in place, fighters often got injured and sometimes very seriously, now imagine in the streets where you are all alone no protection, nobody to stop the fight, how good is the odds that your style will work in a stressful, adrenaline fueled situation since you never trained your brain to react to this type of encounter.

Without going Tony Robbins on you, your brain is the main computer, your body respond only the way it tells it. The problem is when your brain notices danger it will automatically shuts down all your awareness of the world around you so it can focus to do one thing; survive and prepare the body to fight or flee, that is way you experienced some funny things happening in your body such as; stomach butterflies, weak knees, faster heart rate if you are a predator you know these are signals of the body preparing you to fight.

When I say predator, that exactly what it is, if you got yourself in a life and death situation, there is only two roles available; be a predator or prey and you have only few seconds to react, unfortunately, we are too civilized, we put our nice suits on to go to work diving nice cars and when we watch the news showing that somebody got killed or raped, we think that will never happened to us!

Unless you are a professional warrior, people these days live their lives without any awareness of their surroundings, ask yourself right now:

·If a killer invade your house armed willing to kill you and your family, do you have a plan to protect yourself and your family. When you live your office late, do you survey your surroundings first? Have you done any training to react, fight or negotiate yourself out of a dangerous encounter?

The reason I’m asking these questions is because we all have a false sense of security, this is when the term self-defense is the theme of this discussion, some people worried about the dangers surround in the daily basis seeks instruction form their local BBJ, karate, MMA schools to learn how to protect themselves.

And look around you, if you open martial magazines in any given month, there is at least dozen of new self defense styles created by these so called gurus, the funny part is most of them teaches  the Navy Seals, USA Army, former Mossad self defense instructors, just to name a few claims. I know this particular “guru” that recently, got his credentials questioned and warned about untruthful claims. The truth is with violence rate going up, everybody wants to cash in.

The big main ingredients these systems lack’s is the following:

1.      The moves is too complicated to able to be applied and remembered by the brain in a stressful situation, remember that you will have a massive  adrenaline dumped into your blood stream, the tunnel vision kicks in, that is no way you will be able to perform that flying arm bar, or jumping spinning back kick!

2.      To execute the moves, you need to be in a good physical shape  , and notice that most common folks are not “fit to fight”

3.      The lack of “close to reality mental and physical training”.

If you don’t know how to read your body signals, you may think that stomach butterflies are signals of cowardice.

What I’m trying to show you is; next time you seek a system that can provide you with the knowledge to defend yourself, ask first if it fits in the above points, if it does, stay from it, you will just give yourself a false sense of security and worst part, you can get killed because of it.

True self defense begins by knowing the human physiology, in how the body reacts in face of a eminent danger, remember that defending yourself is 99% mental, the rest is gross motor movements, natural, very simple economical body reactions, that your brain prepares your body to do, the instructor have to know all that, so he can teach you how to work with these body natural reactions in your favor.

The training environment has to be as closest to reality as possible, you must train with a full body gear so therefore you can apply full power, because my friend; your brain works the way you train, if you punch and pulled before your hit the target, guess what, that is the way you will react in a real situation, you must know how it feels to  punch a flesh and blood body and also know how it is to get hit, taking lesson in scuba diving in dry land alone is not going to prepare you for the water, so is true with self-defense! Till next time stay safe.


Monday November 2009 Milford MA.

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