Hungry VS Passion, Germany & Brazil

I just want to puke every time I hear these so called gurus saying to their followers that in order to achieve success, you must have passion, the World Soccer Cup was a perfect case scenario that endorse beyond a shadow of a doubt my views about being HUNGRY VS PASSIONATE. There no soccer team more passionate about the game than the Brazilians, if passion was the only thing need in order to win, Brazil would won every single World Cup, sadly, they learn that the Stoic Germanic Lion was not only Hungry but well trained, they controlled their emotions throughout the whole campaign, in the end against Brazil, it looked like a video game, all passes was with pinpoint accuracy, the Brazilian Team looked like they had concrete boots on, where is the passion, where is the pep talk by their coach in the locker room? As a coach he failed miserably, this is not the 70's anymore, screaming; lets go, we are the best did not helped at all.

Now the conspiracy theorist saying the Brazil Team sold out the championship, that Neymar faked his injury and so on and so forth, the truth is they all looked like lame ducks, just sitting out there with no hunger to win or die, the Germans play the the whole championship with the same philosophy:  Hungry, Stoic attitude, determination, the results was the victory well deserved, they went to battle and left their blood and sweat on the field. Brazil was so disorganized that not even could make to the 3rd place leaving a desolated nation of avid soccer fans looking at the past glories.

The lesson to be learned here is very simple: In order to win, being passionate is not enough not even liking what you do is enough, do you really think lions like to kill? Matter of fact, they do not enjoy at all, they like to relax under a nice shadow and sleep all day, the reason they get up to run after a prey on a hot, humid African savanna is because the have no choice, if they don't make a kill they will die of starvation.

So whatever your goals are in life, give yourself no choice but to go for the "Kill", program your mind to the point that there is no point of return, no opportunities for procrastination, you don't need to pay a fake guru thousands of dollars to have him tell you that all need is passion! All the the success stories on this planet have all one thing in common: Being hungry, there is no magical formula of success, or "the secret", all these man and woman that made a dent on the universe, they just did it, they turn shit into sugar by using they hunger to achieve whatever they want to do. Just look around you; there is thousands of bodybuilders on this  planet, how many Arnold we have? How many Michael Jordan, how many Albert Einstein? They all subscribed to same thing, on interviews they all say, I was hungry to the point that I will never stop until my goal was achieved.

You can buy all the self help books, CD'S go to the seminars, walk on fire, but if you are not hungry the fire will not last long, it will fade away and you will go back to old routine, working for the boss you hate, having that nasty commute that drives you insane, but for some reason the comfort zone is much better. Everybody wants to fight until they get punch on the face.

If you are strong enough, hungry enough, take small steps towards your goals, it does not have to be overnight, Germany did not made that winning teal overnight, it was several years of trial and error, going back to the drawing board, recognizing their faults and shortcomings on the previous losses, the rest is history, nobody remembers who got the second place, we all know the Germany is the World Champions, and that nobody will take away from them.

Until we meet again, be bold, be strong, be hungry, feel the fear and attack anyway!

Shihan Joshua Barbosa

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