Procrastination: The Grave Digger

Talking about procrastination, always this gentleman comes to my mind, lets call him Joe for privacy sake.

Joe was an IT guy at this company that I used to be a Manager, he was very good fixing the computers and everything else related to software, he was 65 years old, one morning we started talking about CRM, I was telling Joe how much progress the customer retention management software made in recent years, his eyes lit up and he asked me; do you know that I'm one the CRM inventor/designer?

I was shocked as he told me the whole story, not because he invented, but because, he never pursuit it. not even registered his creation! Now software companies are making millions of dollars selling it.
As he was talking to me with no regrets of missing this gigantic opportunity, I knew he was a procrastinator, someone that never followed his dreams, I took the action to share his story with you but bellow, you will see what was the fire that set it off.

Last week a friend of mine asked me a question that gave me the fuel to write this message to all of you, he asked __ Hey Josh, do you know what is the wealthiest place on earth?.....I said , I don't know, Dubai maybe? He laugh and said, close but no cigar, THE CEMETERY my friend is the wealthiest place on earth!

And we end up talking about it for another good 2 hours on how many songs was never recorded, incredible inventions that never left the blueprint, machines that never got built, all nothing but dreams and trillions of dollars laying forever in the grave yard with their inventors/procrastinators. The cemetery is the wealthiest place on earth indeed!

Procrastination is a very efficient grave digger, it starts to dig while you are alive, right underneath your feet, it will corrode your dreams, paralyze you from take actions. It is a disease that will spread into your job, your personal life, relationship and your business, it will kill you, make no mistake about it! It is worse that alcoholism because it will postpone you to go to the meetings! No joke intended!

I was affect by it, I know by experience, it is like having a 100 pounds on your back 24 hours, it drags you down, it tells you to do it tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, it tells you the same thing! It is pathological. Procrastination talks to you like you have someone at your side 24 hours, it is the talking box that turns itself on every time you have to take action. 

The funny part is, it will let you make decisions, but when is time to take action, it manifest itself on many forms and excuses such as: I will definitely do it tomorrow, next year I will have enough training and the list goes on and on or the classic one: I will sleep on it!

When deeply affected by it, we can not even see it happen, the procrastinator is very aggressive when comes to defend their position, they will elaborate on how is  a good idea to postpone anything.

That is the reason every motivational speaker you heard or every self help book you read have something in common: they all tell you to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION NOW! Even if it is a small step, you must take it, because if you failed to take action, the grave digger will do it for you.

It will come masked in forms of excuses that all of us are very familiar with, the first one I bet you know or heard before: Hey! lets google this company, I bet you you will find something fishy about them! It is too good to be true, lets think about it!  and the list goes on.

Let me tell you something that you already know, the Internet is a blessing and a curse, depend what kind person you really are. Understand, Google, or the other millions of websites, blogs we have online today, does not have any procrastinator firewall to block them, they all go there to tell you why just like them, you should wait to take action about anything, they are around you, in your place of work, your best friends.......


I don't know about you, but I think Steve Jobs have lots of things done in short period of his brief life that can back the his above statement for sure. He is  a role model for sure for anyone looking to kick procrastination to the curb and keep that monster there forever. The best way to beat it is starting with small mundane things such is, making that phone call, writing that letter, going to the gym, etc.

The main reason to start with small actions is because procrastination is very sneaky, it coaches you little by little by not taking small actions, therefore when you have to take a big steps, BANG! You will easily postpone day by day until the idea or goal is killed inside of you, or the opportunity no longer exist.

Until we meet next time, be bold be hungry, Feel the Fear and Attack anyway.

Shihan Joshua Barbosa

          "Procrastination is like a credit card: it is lot of fun, until you get the bill"
                                               Christopher Parker.

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