Are you Superman?

2013 was a blessed year for me, I learned so much from different sources such as but no limited to friends, books, and movies, Yes ladies and gentleman, movies! New year's eve, I called my daughter overseas and we talk about everything, since we both love action movies, she asked me which 2013 movie was the best in my opinion, without any hesitation, I said, MAN OF STEEL.

As a young man, I was amazed by Superman's character, his focus on helping people even the ones that despised him!
how could it be? Someone so powerful decided to do good deeds despite the fact that earth was not his planet, not his people! 

With God like powers, he could be anything, be anywhere or destroy earth and bring back his own kind.......lots of opportunities and choices don't you you think?

I had few questions of my own, questions such as, how was like to grow up with those powers, how was his days at school, as young adult trying to get his first job or maybe just trying to fit in.

You see, when we talk about Superman, we know is a fictitious character and we forget about the "MAN" part, please understand when I said man I mean all genders and age brackets! Despite all his powers or maybe because of them, the most important thing about the Man of Steel new movie was to make and show him more human, more vulnerable.

When I say more vulnerable, I'm not talking about Kriptonite, I'm talking about something about much worst than that, superman or not, he was exposed to all sorts of human poisons such as greed, selfishness, arrogance, discrimination, bulling, persecution and all human short comings.

Remember that as a boy and young adult, he was not aware he was an alien, therefore he had personal conflicts and was treated like a freak, bullied and chased like a wild animal (Sounds familiar anyone?)

Zach Snyder's MAN OF STEEL shed a new light on this amazing character, we saw him alone searching for his path, trying to understand his role in the planet he called home, we saw him hitchhiking into the wilderness, working hard on a fishing vessel and we saw him stand tall in the wind blowing across the Kansas farmland.

Some people say that his loneliness was the key of his character, but for me was the focus on his mission and nothing was able to deviate him from it, not even the ungrateful planet he decided to protect.The choice to do the good deeds despite of all the adversities, was remarkable!
My friends, whatever your "CAPE" is, there is a potential for good, however it is only a potential, when the man, kid and woman figures out where he or she fits in. Being good is not enough, trying to just fit in is not enough either, being human we all have the Kriptonite of selfishness and often we all drawn to it's powerful force.

Superman's earth father gave him the best advice......"One day, you are going to have to make a choice, you have to decide what kind a man you want to grow up to be.......whoever that man is, good character or bad, is going to change the world.

What kind of man or woman are you going to be in 2014? No matter what age, race, gender, you must take massive action towards whatever your new year's resolutions is, remember that "hell" is full with lots of people with potential that made decisions their whole life but never took action. Who said you can't learn anything from a movie?


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