The Five Levels of Competence

1. INTENTIONALLY INCOMPETENT: Believe it or not, there many so called gurus, business man out there that clearly know their incompetence, but that alone, is not the problem, the issue is their lack of courage or motivation to improve their status and skills.

The II avoids training out of laziness and fear of a further exposing his/hers incompetence to others. You will find them in any field out there, the "grave yards of life" is filled with II.

Sadly enough, the II most of the time take those who count on them most----family, team members, partners to the failure pit with them. Unfortunately, the II cannot be helped to any substantial degree due to his lack of motivation to retain any training. Time wasted by coaching this individual is better spent on the student who really wants to improve.

2. UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT: This individual or category, represents a great percentage of people trying to get their feet wet in the business world, they are the opportunity seeker, they buy the business opportunities magazines, he is incompetent because he had no training or poor training. We see them everyday, I was one of them, jumping on every "opportunity" trying everything and blaming the opportunity instead of their lack of training just because they don't know at all their level of incompetence. Understand; there is no short cut to success, the problem with the UI is the half ass training, they never learn properly the entire business or profession they are in, the minimum for them is enough.

3. CONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT: This individual is aware of his lack of training and incompetence. He is smart enough to place the blame on the man in the mirror after his first failure. 

The CI now knows he does not have the know how and seeks  help in acquiring the proper skills to succeed in his endeavors, this is a good place to be, once you know which area you must work in order to succeed, you will readjust, re-learn or take a whole new approach towards your business strategy or whatever you are doing in your life. The CI recognizes his faults and in doing so can focus his efforts towards reaching a level of competency.

4. CONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT: With enough and proper training and practice, the CI develops into the CC. The length of time needed to develop from CI to CC is directly related to the quality of the training and the motivation of the student. The good news is that the CC have the ability to manipulate his training and adjust to it and clear any difficulty along his leaning experience and applications of the new knowledge acquired. The CC is quick and efficient but is not second nature just yet, he needs to think about it before he respond or apply the new concept. Every decision and action occurs as a result of an intricate thought process and has not yet reached a reflex response level.

5. UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT: This is "graduation day" As the fifth and ultimate level of competence implies, the UC has programed his mind and body after thousand of repetitions, drills, role play, whatever was required to learn on the chosen task, profession, business  to react in a fraction of a second with consistent responses that required no perceived thought process. The UC functions flawlessly even under stressful situations because of the extensive training overrides his conscious thought process. We all have seen the UC in action on forms of professional athletes, military team such as the Navy Seals, these individuals are not different from me and you, the difference lies on the dedication and intensity of their training, matter of fact, among the SEALS community they have a philosophy: THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY how is that for commitment??

As you can imagine, the UC is not common in today's wussies society they are a very special breed.

The new generation want a trophy for just showing up, this sad fact is due to a lack of discipline, they are a byproduct a lazy rotten society, that is accustomed to an easy way out. Take a hard look at yourself, talk to the reflection on the mirror and figure out which level of competence are you in right at this moment, whatever your level is, challenge yourself to became an UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT.

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Hungry, Feel the Fear and Take Action Anyway

Shihan Joshua Barbosa



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