The Karate Kid Lesson


When Daniel was seeking martial arts lessons, he bumped into Miyagi who put the young man to wax his vehicles, paint his fence and sand the floor of his deck.Keeping the story short, (I'm guessing everybody watched this movie, unless you live under a rock) after finishing all the work, out of a pure frustration, Daniel finally showed his disappointment to the old master, I came here to learn Karate he said, instead, you made me to wax cars, paint fences, sand floors.

Miyagi look the youngster in the eye and started to punch and kick him, out of muscle memory Daniel brain taped into the movements he performed while waxing, sanded floors, up and down motion while painting the fence and used it to defend himself against Miyagi's attack, on the moment Daniel realized that he was learning Karate the whole time! 

The old master used a centuries old Shaolin Temple trick, which was to incorporate martial moves into daily shores such as: cooking, sweeping floors, washing dishes, and all the mundane tasks, you see, was all about building a neurological brain pathways until the movements became second nature, just like walking for example.

The lessons that this movie teach us is even more profound than learning martial arts, it is about that life difficulties will knock you down, the question is, if you are strong enough to take action to get back up again and again.....Understand, life is unpredictable, you face set backs, things do not work your way, and sometimes life can be very unfair, at the end of the day, you can not craw under you desk into a fetus position and suck your thumb. I S NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, BUT IS HOW YOU ENGAGE AND RESPOND TO IT!The best way to react when you get knockdown is to get up immediately, Daniel learned that in his first  Kumite, life is full contact, it look good on paper but when you are inside the arena, there is no time to be a coward.

The movie showed us that YOU CAN CHOOSE TO DO OR NOT, THERE IS NO TRY.

When Miyagi asked Daniel if he was ready to learn Karate, his answer pissed him off because the young man said, I GUESS!  That type of answer we hear everyday, it is the answer used by cowards and wussies that never make a commitment to nothing.

These are the same people that criticize books, businesses, seminars, and any opportunities they come across, because they never had the courage to do it, they read the 10 pages of the book and they decide was not good at all, they never finished anything in their lives, this behavior is like walking down a road; walking on the left or right side is completely fine, but walking in the middle will get you killed! 

Empower yourself today by taking massive action towards your goal, when I say massive, I'm not talking about anything grandiose, by massive I meant, with all your heart and soul, even if it is a small step, TAKE IT......DO IT KNOW!

Feel the Fear and Attack Anyway

Shihan Joshua Barbosa