15 Stoic Strategies you can really use

1) Never change the knowledge if works well for youjust for the sake of change. Well mastered few basic techniques, has more value than several not so well learned ones. Have a core system a strategy you can rely on, I know the idea of MMA is very attractive but most of it is an organized mess, some of it is just a mess, don't get crazy as a novice trying to learn 1000 moves at once, master the basics of your chosen strategy, only them you can see the whole spectrum.

2) Grasp what you want to learn, but never close your mind to something different , keep your "cup" empty. If you seek knowledge hard enough, the master will appear, once you are in front of your instructor, shut your mouth, listen well, meditate about it, visualize, have an open mind to all forms of knowledge, your mentor can materialize in many forms such as; a child, books a video, magazine, an old movie, whatever the case may be, see the unseen, there is knowledge hidden in plain sight, you have to be in sync within the spirit of your chosen art.

3) Knowing yourself, helps you to know others. To have a public victory, you must have a personal victory first. Set a series of a small tasks and finish it, and write everything down, and them set a new ones, do that until the last day day on this planet.

4) Never stops learning. Never limit yourself to what you think you may attain, you only stop learning when you die. You have to "see" your chosen art everywhere, therefore even if you are driving you can train yourself.

5) Remember that to be in 100% physical shape, you must first be in 100% mental shape. The Spartans was feared not only because of their bravery, but mostly because they trained their bodies to the point that if you saw one, immediately you knew you were before a Spartan. Your body is a tool, like one, it has to be sharpened everyday, otherwise it will not perform to it's fullest potential.

6) Always respect your judgement (gut feeling), remember; you can not fool yourself. You have thousands of years experience encrypted in your DNA back from when your ancestors had to deal with a possibility of death everyday, if something seems wrong, it is wrong, do not get too "civilized" to the point of shutting down your "inner friend".

7) Take defeat as a learning process. Be stoic, see obstacles as the way, don't cry over a spilled milk. ADAPT like a river going around mountains and valleys, always flowing, never stagnant. 

8) Never degrade or label yourself by thinking negatively. You are what you think, your mind is a powerful data collector, be careful what you store there, beliefs are powerful thing, never label yourself as a loser or a failure, whatever you "tell" your mind, it will obey your command when you make negative or positive affirmations.

9) If you loose, don't beat yourself up. Figure out why you lost and re-arrange your defenses which will help you next time. Study the lessons from nature, look at he pine tree always green, firmly rooted to the ground, be strong, resilient, unbreakable like a bamboo.

10) In or out of a Dojo, the secret of  Martial Artist is to control his anger. Uncontrolled anger is like a ranging bull with a tunnel vision looking only at the  bull fighter's red cape, missing to see the manipulation employed by him using your anger as your most powerful enemy to defeat you. Understand,  strategist masters study their enemy's weakest points such as: uncontrolled anger, ego, vanity. Do not fall prey to someone Else's anger either, an angered idiot is more dangerous than a snake under  your bed.

11) Tradition is OK, hold on to good old values. But don't let it hold your to progress to involve. Having a foundation is very important, master the basics, make it second nature, because you can always rely on it to save your skin. If a "guru" is telling that you can not study a different art because is disrespectful to him, it is time for you to find a different one!

12) Learn to train your mind to be ahead of your body. "FEEL" the training, do not get distracted by outside occurrences, pay attention to your oxygen intake by synchronizing it with your movements. Your motivation have to come from within not by a sound track or a speach from Rocky Balboa movie, noboby is going to play your sound track when  the shit hits you on the face.

13) Beat the pain mentally and you can go forever. Pain is like an exotic food, it may taste awful at first but you will learn to get use to it. Understand that you don't need to have a passion leave that statement for these fake gurus out there, what you need is to be hungry  to chase and kill the "lion" eventually you will love and have the so called fucking passion for what you do!

14) Don't try to be just as good as somebody else. Strive to be better, train, eat, think differently. Beat your own records, not somebody Else's. There is nothing new under the sun, look at the past to learn to be great into the future, watch old fighting videos, learn how the roman gladiators got strong like gods to face death in the arena.

15) DO NOT rely on anybody or anything other than yourself. Every time I hear people make statements such as, but not limited to: "I can not live without her (or him) I depend on you", I just want to vomit, understand this real quick: if you relay on people, you will get disappointed because people will fail you, YES they will try to take your lunch and because you trust them, you will lament for the rest of your life bitching on Facebook on how someone fucked you.

Be resilient, self sufficient, learn the alchemy to turn shit into sugar, don't wish or spect to get anything from anybody, and if you do get, understand the fact they will chase you to return the favor, I know this may sound too harsh for you, if it is, nothing is going to change, Murphy's law exist, toss you Pollyanna glasses in the trash can and see all the obstacles in your life as chance to learn and grow!



Founder of Sakusen Do Ryu an Strategy Applied Martial Arts System. Boston MA, 2014


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