Simples rules to follow

To assure great success, you must lead by example, when training your people, do it for the purpose of learning, and make sure it never appears personal while doing it, never ask for something you are not willing to do, make sure you do with them!

Reward the efforts and praise de achievements of your team, have a method to relay upon, not only make it easier to teach, but also makes you look like an expert, your process will mature as you repeat the same thing everyday, it will become second nature. Always take actions on your plans, remember that words fade fast, actions echoes to eternity.

Do not be pushed by your problems, be lead instead by your dreams, if you don't go after what you want, you never have it, if you don't ask, the answer will always be a NO, if you do not step forward you will  be in the same place forever.

Remember that opportunity does not knock at you door, you must chase it, don't be afraid to jump in the "water" you don't drown by falling in, but only if you stay there. Understand: the only thing standing between you and your goal is your lacking of taking action and the bull shit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't take action.

It is not a daydream if you take action
— Shihan Joshua Barbosa

Age is not an excuse, you are never too old to start all over again, success comes from a series of risk taking and having a good strategy, understand that intelligence without any ambition is a bird without wings, you only see the obstacles if you take your eyes off your goal.

Follow these 10 amazing life lessons from Albert Einstein:

  1. Follow your curiosity
  2. Perseverance is priceless
  3. Focus on the Present
  4. The imagination is powerful
  5. Make mistakes
  6. Live in the moment
  7. Create value
  8. Don't expect different results
  9. Knowledge comes from experience
  10. Learn the "rules" and then play better


Food for Thought

  1. Profits are better than wages. Wages makes you a living. Profits makes you a fortune.
  2. It's not what happens to you that determines your future; it's what you do about what happens determines your life.
  3. Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
  4. Don't wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.
  5. Don't wish for less problems, you should wish for more skills
  6. Break the rules, don't let anyone tell you it can not be done
  7. You learn more by loosing than winning
  8. Even if you do the right thing at wrong time, you get pain not reward
  9. Keep your friends close and your enemies far away, get your revenge, get even, don't be a fool
  10. Keep your eyes on your friends, they are your next potential enemies
  11. Family only comes first if they are your friends, blood does not mean they will not try to hurt you
  12. Your usual suspects are the ones closest to you

Until next time, stay strong, be bold, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Shihan Joshua Barbosa, Founder of Sakusen-Do-Ryu 

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