Tired of hearing people and even some experts say that lions are NBK (NATURAL BORN KILLERS) I decide to write this blog to eliminate this misunderstanding about this marvelous predator, and the same time use the lion's lesson to conquer our life's tribulations.

Understand; Just like humans, lions are a product of their environment, they born blind, helpless, toothless, it takes them two full years to become a predator under a strict adult lions tutelage, what you called a "play" for them is a lesson to be used on their first kill. You see, as a young cub, their first taste of food is the warm lioness milk available to them as they please, far from a feeling of the raw piece of meat.

They have to acquire the taste of raw meat, learn how to enjoy it. Often, lioness brings a live prey so the cubs can learn how to jump and twist the neck. After months of supervised practice, they have to test it in real life and death encounters, and they have no choice. Contrary to many people think, lions do not enjoy killing; they do for survival because this is what they do best, might as well do it right!

My last article, I discuss this generation lack of patience for apprenticeship and appreciation for it. The lack of respect for mentors and the long hours learning a skill, they want instant gratification, the Lions Lessons is, there is no free lunch, there is no natural born winner, to become one you must put the hours just like lions do, take to the field test it, validate your new skills. Lions have the King of Jungle title for one reason: they are immune of the rest of the jungle opinion about them.

An elephant can be 30 times bigger than a lion, once was thought that because of his massive size made it immune to an attack, but nobody said to the lions. Understand; no ordinary predator will take on an elephant, but then again, LIONS ARE NOT AN ORDINARY PREDATORS

"THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" Heard that expression before? You see if you let the size of obstacles make you shy away from your goal.
 I'm not saying lions are reckless, far from the truth, lions realize how dangerous elephants can be, through experience and failed attempts, lions figured out the best time to attack was during night time because they have excellent night vision while the elephant is almost blind at night time.

Understand; embrace the size and the challenge you are facing to get what you want, respect it and you will learn how to defeat it just like lions can kill a creature 30 times bigger than them, it is all about the right strategy and applying the proper tactics. Life itself is a big challenge, the journey is hard and full of "elephants" it is up to you to go through it or be "killed" by it, the choice is yours: A KING walking with your head high, OR A PREY living on fear not knowing when the predator will strike!


Shihan Joshua Barbosa

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