The Tool of Violence


Violence is a very touchy subject these days, and often, people try to find another word to mask it. What the meaning of violence?

Let's ask Google for a definition?

Here you go:

Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

Synonyms: brutality, brute force, roughness, ferocity, fierceness, savagery, cruelty, sadism, barbarity, barbarousness, brutishness, murderousness, bloodthirstiness, ruthlessness, inhumanity, heartlessness, pitilessness, mercilessness;

You see, with all the words above describing what VIOLENCE can be, you can't find anything about using the tool of violence to protect the lives of those who can't or don't want to use this tool.

We live in chaotic times, where fake pacifists hiding in basements behind their computer screens criticize the people willing to use this tool to protect their very lives. We have this going on in my own country; Brazil where 65,000 people die in 2017 victims of armed outlaws and you see pacifist against guns coining a new mantra:

"MORE BOOKS, NO GUNS." Looks good when you are a rich kid that lives on gated communities with armed guards, Politicians surrounded by bodyguards with armored SUVs while the poor die on the streets and inside their properties without having the chance of having a firearm to defend themselves.

"MORE BOOKS, NO GUNS," say that to the father who's daughter got raped and killed by five guys, to the mother that lost her son coming back from school just because he had a new pair of Nike shoes.

Maybe we have to find all the 65,000 souls relatives and tell them, "MORE BOOKS, NO GUNS." Perhaps following this insane mantra, we should tell cancer patients; "MORE BROCCOLI, NO QUIMOTERAPY."

Who is going to defend their lives when they have to wake up 4:00 am to walk miles in the slums to catch a bus to go work??

Dark when they go, dark when they return to their home.

There is no any other way to overcome violence but to understand, learn and train to use this tool.

To succeed in the game of self-preservation INTENT is everything, without it all the training and information you may acquire is useless. I have news for you; if you leave around water, it is only natural that you learn how to swim, the same is true with VIOLENCE.

Using Violence is about stopping the perpetrator that is also using the same tool, only worse because he/she does not have any empathy for you or your family, he is a professional, what about you? Are you an expert? Do you have the INTENT of shutting down the threat once and for all?

You can not change a predator's social behavior in the middle of a life and death encounter; flowers won't do it! Telling someone who is shooting you to death; "please don't kill me." is not going to change their minds because they have the INTENT to kill you.

Often, we call people who shoot someone to death a MONSTER. What should we call the person that killed them before they finished their INTENT??

You must make peace with yourself first to the fact that if someone uses violence to harm you or your family, you need and will generate even greater intensity to protect your life and theirs. The alternative is to leave with Polyana glasses thinking that will never happen to you or your family.

Visualization is the most valued tool you can use; you must see yourself using violence, penetrating the target and stopping the threat. Your brain has to believe to achieve in the real world.

If you have different beliefs system about doing violence you must decide now, otherwise, you will get killed.

You must be the attacker if you can't run or negotiate an alternative outcome, remember the defense does not matter, the day belongs to the attacker. If you are on the ground getting kicked by couple guys, it is too late to think about self-defense.

Look around you, on the TV news, all criminal violence it is the attackers who put people in hospitals and morgues and the defenders almost never win.

Your sole INTENT has to be the attacker; when someone comes to kill you-you must attack and injure them, do not just attempt to defend, this is a very different thing from the usual back, and forth of getting into a possible fight, it is a life and death situation.

Unfortunately, we live in an unprepared society full of "Tactical

Instructors" that never used their so-called foul proof techniques in a real scenario, most of them have attack based responses which will never work on a chaotic, ambush situation. Most people never think about everyday scenarios such as; elevators, stairs, buses subways, the dark alleys, inside your car, with all these different places, you have to adjust and improvise.

The problem is these Instructors study the losers and train for second place; most systems teach people to be a victim role.

To win you have to study the attacker, not the loser, remember the old Art of War quote; "To know your enemy." Predators have their system; they know how to spot victims their behaviors; they study you; however, no one is considering them, if this is not a controversy, I don't know what it is.

There is no shortcut for this; you must have a committed partner that understands violence reaction to help you practice your thing, this is like open seas to swimmers you need this to get the new neural pathways in your brain, nothing else will do, not lessons on dry land will prepare for deep water, so is right with this.

The partner that best qualifies for this is the one who is interested in your success, stay away from people interested in polishing their ego. Have a simple system; if it takes many steps to execute, it will not work on real life, remember the premise that the person with the shortest to do list will win the confrontation.

If the predator's list has only one item which is to Stab you and yours is to grab here and there, rotate, cartwheel and jump them you will get stabbed and die.

Understand chaos, don't fight it, predators knows this, and they are specialist of creating it if you embrace and learn from it you can use in your favor and find opportunities within.

The terrifying feeling of living around deep water and not know how to swim are the same living around violence and to know you have to face it one day.

You have to turn the tables so violently that you have to become the predator and deliver a beating. Grab a partner that has the same goals as you and train scenario specific, use foul language, screams, and intimidation while role-playing, get close as much as you can to the real thing; nasty, organic and more terrifying the better.


Joshua Barbosa 01/13/2019

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