Our hand-to-hand combat system is a revolutionary approach to self-protection, instead to focus on specific attacks, we prefer to train for the scenario, our belief is the Dojo respect and courtesy does not prepare you for the street attack, the filthy alley, the club filthy bathrooms and the elevator. We focus 100% on the human anatomy, we study it and exploit it, but it's not the end, we study the body's natural reaction to every attack to precisely figure it out what is the perfect following action should be.

This system is not for everyone, we do not bow to each other, there is no salutation to the masters or any other window dressing, we do not condone violence for the sake of violence, but we will teach you how to use it to eliminate any threats of violence against you or your family. There is no need to be in shape to learn this system, it is natural like riding a bicycle or swimming; once you learn it, is there for you when you needed.

The simplicity is the key; the bad guy checklist only has one bullet point: kill, kill kill, if you have step 1, 2, and 3 you are dead. Understand: the bad guy wants one of these three things in most cases: YOUR BODY, YOUR LIFE, YOUR PROPERTY. Our job is to teach you how not to give any of it and deliver a beating!

If you have the courage to jump into waters infested with sharks to defend your family, we will coach you to have the same motivation to protect yourself, the key is to learn how to cultivate intent to induce violence to end the threat permanently, you never hurt snakes, you eliminate them so they will not recover and finish you off.

We offer private consultation, private lessons for you and your family, your facilities, or ours. We also have personal protection available with the best operators available, all former Military, Police operators.