Joshua Barbosa served over two decades with the Brazilian Army and State Police. During his tenure as a Police Officer, he was a Special Response Unit operator (C.O.E) and conducted scores of law enforcement operations and personal protection missions. Joshua's highly specialized law enforcement training and hands-on experience led to his position as a highly recommended Tactical Firearms Instructors in New England.

Besides his law enforcement experience, Joshua is a lifetime Martial-Arts Practitioner/Researcher; he started his martial journey at 12 years old under the tutelage of Shotokan, Aikido and Judo Grand Master in Brazil. After receiving his Black-Belt, he opened his first Dojo in 1981.

Moving to the US in the 90s he opened the first full contact Karate Dojo in the Boston area. He’s teaching methodologies are based on the Book of Five Rings, a strategy masterpiece by the Samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

Joshua Barbosa continues to guide a few select students in the way of the Gun and Fist.

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