This seminar is crucial for those working in law enforcement/security/ social work - any job where you are dealing with potentially volatile people. Learn how to read the pre-attack cues, and have a plan before the attack.

There's a time to OBSERVE, ORIENT and a time to ACT. We may not always get to decide when and how, but recognizing when we need to act and being able to quickly have an internal dialog to permit yourself to stop the threat.

This powerful seminar will teach you how to read body language and scenarios cues to help you recognize when you may be dealing with an imminent attack, and intelligently make a SMART plan of action, be that defense, escape, or other appropriate action - depending on your role and competency level.

Coach Barbosa has extensive real-world experience of real-life and death encounters and violence management, having worked as a Swat Team Operator in one of the most violent countries on the planet. He brings 30 years of experience in the classroom, but you will never see it coming because of his humble demeanor. Unlike one weekend certified instructors out there with no real-life experience, he will teach only time tested skills to people fortunate enough to have him as an instructor.

Who is it for

This life-changing seminar is for people that want to learn skills that can save their lives if you expect books and cute powerpoint presentations; this course is not for you.

Topics covered:

  1. The tool of violence.The five levels of Competence

  2. The THREAT types

  3. Your OODA Loop

  4. The Bad Guy OODA loop

  5. OODA Loop disruption

  6. The never-ending observation loop principle

  7. Action types based on your competence level

To register for this class contact us and explain why you need this knowledge.
The email to register is: registration@btsfirearmstraining.com

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